Big Case Marketing System for Dentists That Delivers New Patients With Predictive & Consistent Results

Grow your practice with a data-driven online marketing system and reputation & review system that attracts the right patients at the right time to your website, converts them into leads and nurtures them until they are ready-to-become patients and accept treatment.
This intelligent approach offers predictable, repeatable results for niche markets such as: implant, cosmetic, sedation, orthodontic

Do you have what it takes to be the #1 dental practice in your market?

To be the top, it takes the right combination of strategies, tools, experience and expertise. It takes commitment. And it takes the right partner. The Patient Magnet System makes our clients #1 in their markets. Do you have what it takes? To find out, schedule a strategy session with a marketing expert today.

Resources & Proof

ebook - How To Become #1


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How Does the Patient Magnet System Work?

Increasing patients through predictive, intelligent marketing

Introducing a data-driven, online-marketing system that attracts dental implant opportunities to your website and converts them into new-patient leads. Our unique Patient Magnet System has been used by general dentists, cosmetic dentists and oral surgeons around the country with incredible success.
This program is exclusive to geographic markets around the country. Secure your area before someone else does.

The Playbook

Google Ads + Reviews + Chat +  Call Center = Success

Our Tools

After integrating the best tools, your marketing team will execute a systemic marketing program designed to bring your target audience to your website and convert them into new lead opportunities for you. These are the tools we use:

Optimized/Responsive Website

We build your new responsive website – this is the hub for all marketing activity and tracks all interaction with prospects throughout the entire sales cycle. Everything starts and connects here.

Reviews & Reputation

Every search for a business these days starts at Google – which eventually leads them to your Knowledge Panel in Google (KP), Maps or your website. Reputation and Reviews are the secret sauce and simply put, you need to have more authentic and positive reviews than your competitors.

Google Ads 

Our AdWords expertise – ranked in the top 3% of Google Adwords Partners globally – maximizes your spending to hit the targeted cost per conversion.

Social Media Advertising

We advertise on social media platforms, like Facebook, which offers the most efficient, predictive media buys to target prospects most likely and ready to commit.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We optimize the structure and content of your website to attract from organic search results qualified prospects with the desired intents.

Lead Nurturing

We create consistent, tailored communication that educates and nurtures prospects until they are ready to buy.

Tracking and Reporting

Monitor the activity of every prospect and measure each marketing program to evaluate its effectiveness and find ways to optimize.

Our Call Center converts phone calls to patients...

Call Center Details

• Answers the phone call lead and converts to appointment
• Open 8am - 5pm (your local time) 5 days a week (excluding holidays)
• We use our proven script (written by a former Clear Choice sales specialist)
• Our call center connects the caller to your front desk when they are ready to see you for a consult - then your staff books the appointment
• All calls are tracked and recorded so you can see the results
The Patient Magnet System creates the leads and converts them to office consultations

Learn how our Patient Magnet System™ can grow your practice:

Are you looking for a proven dental marketing solution to promote your dental implant or cosmetic offering and help you convert more ideal patients? We’ve grown dental practices on average 50%, by integrating the best online strategies and technology in an easy to understand system that attracts the RIGHT kind of patients. Our system is proven and predictable.
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We’ve done the hard work of assembling the best team of experts in dental marketing and lead generation to manage an integrated suite of marketing tools to communicate the right message to the right audience at the right time to convert them into buying patients. Everything is tracked, analyzed and optimized to deliver a continuous improvement loop for predictable, repeatable growth – and a positive ROI on your marketing investment.

Meet the Team

Matthew Petchel

Managing Partner

Bill Hanekamp

Website & Digital Marketing

Beth Bogan

Online Chat Leader

This is NOT ‘Set it and forget it’

We work with countless dental practices across the country and are constantly testing, innovating and creating "best marketing practices” for the dental industry based on real, statistically significant data. When a better way is determined, it’s rolls out to all our clients to ensure their websites and marketing activity remain highly optimized and deliver more patients. Our program does not run on auto-pilot – the Patient Magnet System runs on human brain-power.

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Our experience with the PATIENT MAGNET SYSTEM and dental marketing industry knowledge will attract the right patients to help you succeed.
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Patient Magnet System
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Patient Magnet System
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With more than 20 years experience in dental marketing, our industry knowledge and tactics will attract the right patients to help you succeed.
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